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Andy Neary

Hi! I'm one half of the Major League Mindset team. We have both been keenly involved and interested in branding and messaging for quite some time. We have extensive experience with writing and public speaking as well as marketing.

About a year ago, it became clear that the climate in our industry was settling down and advisors and agencies needed help with their branding telling their brand story or they were going to struggle to achieve success in this new world.

David Saltzman

Both Andy and I were working with advisors and agencies, but we were on more of a 1:1 journey. As we began to compare notes, it was clear that the inability of practitioners in our industry to tell a compelling and concise brand story was an epidemic.

The more we talked and the more we researched, it became clear that today's employer benefit and insurance solutions needed to be matched with a completely different way of crystallizing and communicating a brand and value story that was client-solution focused.

Our first program, "Pitching From the Stage" was geared at helping our clients gain the confidence, competence, and course of action they needed to be able to use public speaking as a means to achieve their goals. No one else is providing that service to the market. Being on stage provides the Engagement, Relationships and (most of all) the Authority they need.

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We helped a group of insurance professionals ranging from individual practitioners, to agency leaders, and allied agency partners (those who provide tools to those agencies).
They needed "The 3 Cs":
Course of action.
They needed to find their authentic message to connect with an audience and increase their "ERA": Engagement, Relationships, and Authority. They needed to tools and techniques of public speaking, including (but not limited to) stagecraft, story construction, audience attraction, and more.

Our first offering, "Pitching From the Stage" uses our unique IMPACT formula" Introduction, Memorable message, Pain points, Answers, Call to Action, Transcendence. We did this through a combination of online group coaching and individualized 1:1 training.

They had (largely) employed the old methods of doing business, where they were delivering the solutions others had created rather than delivering solutions that they were creating on an individualized client-by-client basis. They also had (at best) a muddled brand message and marketing that reflected that confusion and they needed a crystalline clarity in both of those areas.

We felt AWESOME! There is nothing quite as satisfying as that moment when our clients "get it". When that light bulb moment happens, we know that we have helped them turn a corner and change their business trajectory forever.

Client Feedback

We have had great feedback from our clients. This has (to this point) been universal. We have testimonials from some of our early clients and we are in the process of harvesting testimonials from our first "Pitching From the Stage" group coaching sessions.
If it was an "epiphany", it was evolutionary. The more we worked with these folks the more we realized that their challenges were universal and there was no one in the marketing helping them to meet those challenges in an effective and efficient way.

Play big. Play Major League!

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