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“The single greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw

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Who do we help?

We help advisors and agencies define their brand and develop the tools, techniques and skills they need to effectively and efficiently communicate their brand story.

The insurance industry has undergone dramatic changes.

Advisors and agencies know that what got them here won't get them there. While the vocabulary, tools, and techniques for providing effective benefits plans have evolved, communication and marketing have remained largely unchanged.

This disconnect is making it nearly impossible for these professionals to differentiate themselves and worse, to communicate the value they can provide in a very crowded and noisy market. 

We believe that the keys to success in the "new normal" revolve around advisor's ability to connect with prospects and clients in new ways.

Are you having trouble cutting through the noise in the market? Do you feel as though you just aren't communicating effectively? Would you like to be able to prospect in a one-to-many mode, rather than one- to-one?

Imagine being able to be considered the authority in your market and doing it in such a way that prospects and clients are drawn to you, rather than you continually chasing them.
With years of industry experience coupled with successful communication strategies that span print, podcasting, public speaking and marketing campaigns coupled with tools and techniques that help hone your brand and brand messaging, we help advisors and agenies create the engagement, results and authority to reach their goals.
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Our clients need to focus on the three components
that are essential for their success:

"The 3 Cs"

  1. Confidence
  2. Competence
  3. Course of Action.

We first help you to focus on those three values to help you increase their "ERA":

Engagement, Relationships, and Authority.

We then apply our unique IMPACT formula which helps them develop their unique story and brand strategy.

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Hear what our students have to say:


"My fear and apprehension over hosting a seminar had nothing to do with the act of public speaking itself. I was afraid that nobody would show up to hear my talk. Not only was I compelled to tell my story, but I also learned how to market my event in a way that grabbed people's attention. I now have a repeatable pattern for how to plan, market, and execute a successful event..."

Chris Wolpert

Are you constantly being asked by your clients to do more with less?

It's exhausting to be working constantly to stand out in a noisy environment where everyone has access to the same products and techniques.

We will help you hone your brand and brand messaging to be efficient, effective, and successful.

We provide the framework you need by focusing on the part of your enterprise that is often neglected while focusing on the components and tools you already have at your disposal, which are necessary AFTER you capture your prospect/client's interest and imagination.

By working with us, you will gain the skills you need as a predicate to achieving success: a clear brand message the ability to communicate it throughout your entire marketing campaign as well as in written and verbal communications.

Does your marketing talk about what YOU do, or about how you solve CLIENT problems?

Are you tired of having your lunch eaten by large national agencies who "show" well, but who don't deliver the level of service and personalization that you do?

How rapidly could you approach your goals if you were able to spend an hour of your time to generate multiple ideal prospects who want create relationships with you?

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How are WE different from our Competitors?

We really don't believe that we have any competition at this point. This is not an empty boast but the result of years of experience watching the old way of doing business, which focuses on precisely those things that will not longer bring success.

Those who practice in a similar area focus on reverse engineering the numbers to help advisors achieve their goals but advisors and agencies who focus solely on goals without the tools to attract and retain clients are doomed to failure.

The predicate for success in today's market is a finely honed brand message and the ability to communicate that message across a wide variety of media and modes.

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Play Big, Play Major League!

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"One of the best decisions I have made is to invest in Pitching From the Stage. Before the coaching program I had absolutely no idea how to properly put a talk together. Since finishing the program, I now have an amazing talk and thoroughly understand the "science" behind creating a talk that can reach any audience!"

Felipe Bargarnier

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